The Many Types of Services Involved with Freight Shipping

The Many Types of Services Involved with Freight Shipping

There are many types of services that are involved with freight shipping. Freight shipping is an industry that includes full truckload shipping, partials, heavy equipment, international shipping, and auto transportation. Below, you will find an evaluation on each type of shipping service.

Full truckload shipping

If you need a very large amount of merchandise transported, full truckload shipping is exactly what you need. You can transport dozens or even hundreds of product using our full truckload service.


A partial service is less than a truckload, it’s typically purchased when you have several things that need to be shipped, but you are not capable of filling up an entire truck.

Heavy equipment

If you have heavy equipment such as cranes, loaders, excavators or tractors etc, or large items, and you can pay for a heavy equipment freight shipping service. All of your heavy items will be moved to their new location using the freight process.


International freight shipping can be quite complicated, because it requires going in and out of countries, as well as securing items across borders. It’s typically a bit more expensive than a regular freight shipping service, but it can be very reliable when you need it.

Auto transport

If you need to transport a vehicle of yours, our auto transport service can be highly reliable. You can have your vehicle transported throughout different states, countries, regions of the world. Be sure to go online to find out how much auto transport services cost.